What To Mix With Tequila

There are a lot of things in regards to what to mix with tequila. Contrary to popular belief, you can drink tequila with much more than just a lime or orange juice. In fact, tequila is just as versatile as liquors such as vodka or whiskey as far as being able to mix with a variety of different beverages and come out with a masterful concoction.

The trick is that you need quality tequila.

In our opinion, cheap, low-quality, mass-produced vodka (think Smirnoff) or whiskey (think Jim Bean) is just a bit easier to stomach than their tequila counterparts (think Jose Cuervo). It’s very common for many people’s first experience with tequila to be a brand like Jose Cuervo (thought it has it’s time and place!) and then they are essentially scarred for life.

Add on the “placebo effect” that tequila makes people go crazy (te-kill-ya!) and most people’s first romp with Mr. Cuervo is not all that pleasant. Which is a shame.

But that’s why sites like Types of Tequila exist. There are plenty of low-budget, quality tequilas out there on the market – you just have to know how to find them.

So, what to mix with tequila?

Here is a master list of just about everything you can mix with tequila.

what to mix with tequila

What To Mix With Tequila – Juices 

What To Mix With Tequila – Soda

  • Sprite
  • 7-Up
  • Orange soda (we’re partial to Fanta)
  • Ordinary club soda

What To Mix With Tequila – Energy Drinks

Be careful with these – extreme sugary drinks with absurd amounts of caffeine + alcohol…we’ll just say this: drink a lot of water.

  • Red Bull

What To Mix With Tequila – Beer

Check out this post!

In a nutshell:

  • Stick to the lighter beers, nothing heavy like IPAs or stouts. This is both for the taste and the health of your stomach.
  • Obviously, Mexican branded beers are favorites.
    • Dos Equis
    • Modelo
    • Corona

Of course, this list is not completely comprehensive.

What is your personal preference in regards to what to mix with tequila?

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