20 Tequila Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know

Let’s talk tequila facts. Short post today for entertainment value. These are not in any particular order

Did you know any of these tequila facts already?

#1: The tequila name comes from a city in Mexico, aptly named…Tequila. On a map, it’s close to Guadalajara.

Guadalajara is actually on our list of must-see travel destinations in the coming year – you can be sure you’ll hear about it on Types of Tequila when the trip happens.

#2: Blue agave thrives by growing in volcanic soil.

#3: Harvesting the agave plant is still very much a manual process as opposed to machine operated.

#4: The techniques to harvest agave is often passed down between generations – and is often a bit of a close-guarded secret.

#5: Tequila can be classified as mixto and 100% agave, with five sub-classifications beneath that. [We have a plethora of information on different types of tequila here.]

#6: 15,000 people search Google for the word ‘tequila’ every day.

#7: The most expensive bottle of tequila ever sold went for a whopping $225,000.

#8: Typical tequila alcohol content is about 40%, but there are some specific tequilas that top 50% alcohol content

#9: The Aztecs had previously made a type of mezcal wine, but they were invaded and conquered by the Spanish. When the Spanish ran out of their own types of liquors, they began making tequila.

#10: The founder of Sauza Tequila was the first man to export tequila to America.

tequila facts

#11: José Antonio Cuervo was the was the first manufacture to obtain a license to make tequila; we can’t say we’re surprised!

#12: THE WORM! Is a myth, sadly. Some mezcals are sold with worms in them, but tequila regulations does not allow them to be shipped with worms in them (though we think a worm-in-a-bottle would be an excellent decor for any home bar).

#13: There are dozens of different ways to make a margarita.

#14: If you want to sell tequila, you have to go through the Tequila Regulatory Council.

#15: The higher quality tequilas don’t have the “burning sensation” so many people imagine when they think of tequila.

#16: In fact, taking the high-end tequilas with lime and salt will actually degrade the flavor, in many cases.

#17: The margarita glass shape was inspired by the French champagne glass.

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#18: Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican victory in the Battle of Puebla.

#19: There are multiple versions of the history regarding the invention of the margarita – we have no idea which one to believe. We suspect that the true story involves someone simply naming their new found cocktail after the daisy flower.

Daisy translates to ‘Margarita’ in Spanish.

#20: This is the official tequila glass…but you have to admit – it’s pretty rare to see someone actually drinking tequila out of this!

That about wraps it up for our tequila facts – did we miss any tequila facts you know off-hand? If so, please feel free to add them in the comments below.

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