Top 10 Tequila Cocktail Names

Tequila cocktail names have some great humor behind them. We suspect that often these names are concocted while having already consumed too much alcohol, but that is a discussion for another time ūüôā

This picture is apt for the post.

tequila cocktail

Over time though, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best comedic tequila cocktail names out there.

While we don’t have recipes out there for all of these on this site…yet, some simple Google searching will return everything you could possibly need to make your desired drink. In time, we will try to post all of our own recipes for these drinks here on¬†Types of Tequila, and update this post accordingly.

Please add your favorite names in the comment section below, and use the share buttons to ask your fellow tequila fanatics on social media.

The Best Tequila Cocktail Names

Tequila Cocktail Names, #10 – Bloody Maria

We applaud those of you brave enough to drink tequila at brunch.

And encourage it.

Tequila Cocktail Names, #9 – Little Dragon

Only those brave with spiciness apply.

Tequila Cocktail Names, #8 – Vampira

This is why we encourage drinking at night.

Tequila Cocktail Names, #7 – The Federation

A drink that James Bond would love, both for it’s taste and name.

“I’ll have a Federation. Shaken, not stirred.”

Tequila Cocktail Names, #6 – Siesta

Aptly named if you drink too much.

Halfway there…#5 – Tequila Sunrise

A classic name for a classic drink, aptly suited. Check out our recipe for a tequila sunrise by clicking here.

Tequila Cocktail Names, #4 – Beergarita

Who doesn’t love a little word play?

Tequila Cocktail Names, #3 –¬†Garra de Tigre

‘The Tiger’s Claw’.

We found this on a Los Angeles¬†restaurant, Guelaguetza’s website, and can only hope that the Garra de Tigre¬†name continues to catch on.¬†Guelaguetza is quite a mouthful to say, so we think¬†website domain, ‘I Love Mole’ is pretty clever too.

Guelaguetza, for the record Рis a famous festival in Mexico. You can read all about it here. We suspect you would find plenty of tequila for consumption if you were to attend the festival.

Tequila Cocktail Names, #2 – Horny Bull

You knew there was going to be something sexual in here, didn’t you?

And finally…#1 – The¬†Salty Chihuahua¬†

We still have yet to hear anyone order this at a bar – but can’t wait until the day that it¬†does happen.

As you can see, some people have gotten pretty creative over the years with naming their favorite tequila drinks.

What cocktails do you know that have excellent comedic value? Post them below in the comments section – and share this with your friends!

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