Skinny Margarita: What Is It & How Do You Make One?

What is a skinny margarita?

When you hear the words ‘skinny margarita’ you might assume that it’s a tequila served in a skinny glass.

Perhaps that it’s a skinny margarita is a staple of the Atkins diet.

Or, heck – maybe you have no idea whatsoever what a skinny margarita is. But that’s why we’re here to help.

What Is A Skinny Margarita?

In reality, a skinny margarita is simply a margarita that is generally low on calories, or simply a healthier alternative to your standard margarita. A skinny margarita can also be known as a ‘light margarita’, or perhaps a ‘margarita lite’. 

We suspect the decision to call it a skinny margarita as opposed to some form of name with light/lite is simply to avoid the generalization of being thrown into a conversation with light beer, which often comes with the reputation of being watered down and quite tasteless. In our post about the best beer with tequila, you can see that none of the usual American light beer favorites made the list – it’s for a reason!

While there is some humor behind the fact that we’re claiming that these are a way to achieve, “Healthy Drinking!”, the fact of the matter is that you can make a skinny margarita from fresh ingredients, and still have it taste delicious.

A Skinny Margarita & Weight Loss

The fact of the matter is, most of us could probably afford to lose a pound or two. But another fact of the matter is: no one wants to give up drinking!

Especially delicious types of tequila and margaritas…and the food. Don’t forget the food. The fact of the matter is, good drinks and food are a staple of almost any culture, worldwide. So while alcohol certainly isn’t the best thing for you if you’re trying to drop weight, there are less painful ways to do it than depriving yourself of all tequila and fun.

And the skinny margarita is the perfect way!

The Varieties of Skinny Margaritas

As we said, a skinny margarita is simply a margarita that is lower in caloric content, and generally considered healthier, than a standard margarita.

We gave the recipe on this site a try and it came out delicious.

“We started testing with the freshest ingredients – limes, oranges, mangoes & watermelon, to create 3 great recipes. To naturally reduce calories, we replaced orange liqueur with fresh squeezed orange juice. It also offers a hint of fresh flavor! We used agave nectar to sweeten the skinny margaritas. We made several attempts of our basic recipe before agreeing on a “secret” ingredient. WATER! It was the perfect addition to a lime margarita. We were even able to reduce the amount of sweetener needed! Who knew? Just a splash & we were both screaming “we have it!””

Pretty cool that the simple things such as just squeezing an orange can make or break a recipe! We’re going to have to give fresh squeezed orange juice a go the next time we whip up some tequila sunrise cocktails…

Skinny Margarita: Bottom Line

As with all tequila activities, have some fun with it! Just remember that a skinny margarita is generally going to be made from fewer calories and more natural sources. You can even tone down the alcoholic content, too.

Get creative and let us know what you find in the comments below.

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