Sipping Tequila & Why You Should Be Doing It

Sipping tequila seems to be a lost art in today’s world. We blame the overboard of college/party centered videos and movies in which kids are shown yelling…


…as they down dozens of low-quality tequila shots. Usually, these movies never show kids sipping tequila – or any drink, for that matter. Usually it’s just a blur of drinking at insane rates, followed by the camera panning to the next morning when the poor person can hard get out of bed.

Very unrealistic, as most movies are.

Sipping tequila is something every person should experience once in their life; with the emphasis being on quality tequila. The cheap stuff that college kids usually buy is not conducive to sipping tequila, if we are being frank.

Sipping Tequila Versus Shooting

The Hangover

Let’s start with the obvious – shooting gets you far more drunk, far faster, in comparison to simply sipping tequila. While we don’t have any scientific proof on this, we think it’s fair to say that starting your night doing multiple tequila shots results in far more hangovers the next morning than starting the night by sipping tequila 😉

Of course, this doesn’t mean shooting doesn’t have it’s time and place…*evil grin*

Everybody has their bad nights and whatnot, but overall, we’d much rather savor a quality drink and see feel like a normal human being the next morning. The alternative is doing shots of the cheap stuff, plugging your nose with one hand while simultaneously shoving a lime in your mouth to mask the taste.

Usually that looks something like this…

sipping tequila haha

You Can Savor The Flavor When Sipping Tequila

As with most hard liquors, sipping tequila takes a bit of an acquired taste and appreciation of tequila itself. We certainly wouldn’t expect a fresh-faced 21-year-old to really enjoy the taste of sipping tequila. Often, it takes a few years and a few [bad] nights before people start enjoying the taste of alcohol on it’s own, minus the chasers and mixers.

But when you’re shooting tequila, there is no experience. All you’re trying to do is just get the liquor down your throat as possible and trying to avoid gagging in the process.

Sipping tequila actually allows you to savor the different flavors of various types of tequila, and make your own decision as to what you prefer. Generally, the best sipping tequilas are going to be clear or an amber color as you move up in quality. Avoid sipping on mixtos is a good general rule of thumb.

What Glassware Is Best For Sipping Tequila?

Generally speaking, you’ll probably want to have a smaller type of glassware when you’re sipping on tequila. Some people sip straight out of a small glass, but if you’re at any sort of social function, it’s better to have something you can hold firmly in your hands.

The smaller rocks glasses that many bars serve tequila shots out of are perfect for this situation.

Likewise, simple lowball glasses like these show off the color of the tequila and give the drink a bit of class to go along with it.

Try Sipping Tequila Yourself, & Comment

Let’s have a real discussion about this! What is your favorite tequila to sip and why? If you’ve never sipped tequila before, give it a shot and let us know what you thought of the experience.

And of course…any horror stories about doing too many shots of tequila and the consequent hangover are certainly, welcome too 😉

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