How Much Does a Shot of Tequila Cost in Mexico?

Why do people travel to Mexico?

Maybe it’s not because of the beautiful beaches, stunning temples, or just to unwind.

Maybe, just maybe…it’s to do shots of tequila.

Kidding. Mostly. But really, sampling part of the local cuisine is a fantastic part of traveling. So what’s the deal with tequila in Mexico?

The answer is, as always, that it depends.

Taco Stands & Shops

Tequila is incredibly cheap (think less than a buck) in the small, grungy, off-the-beaten-path kind of places. These are the places where you can devour a dozen tacos for a couple of dollars. Needless to say, shots of tequila in places like that are a mandatory part of the experience.

Don’t be surprised if some of the staff even join in at times.

These are the kinds of experiences that you simply must have when you go to Mexico. They’ll be the memories you take home with you and hold on to for a long time. Long nights, good friends, and with the drinks and food flowing.

The next morning is usually more forgettable, if you know what I mean 🙂


Even higher-end restaurants in Mexico, assuming you aren’t hanging out at tourist traps, are quite affordable. You can get a decent meal for about half of what you would pay in a “Tex-Mex” American restaurant.

A decent tequila will set you back a couple of dollars in mid to high end establishments. A margarita will be priced similarly.

So in short, restaurants are not a bad deal.

And I’ve saved the “evil” part for last…

Tourist Resorts

You know what I’m talking about—the tourist resorts that gouge you for every little thing on your trip.

In these kind of places (assuming free drinks aren’t part of your meal plan), you’ll pay $5 or more for a crappy tequila.

A margarita will set you back $10.

Or more.

In short: stay clear of them.

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