Margarita Salt and How to Use It

Margarita salt is an essential ingredient to the perfect margarita. While you can use your ordinary table salt with your margarita, you will have a better overall margarita if you buy and utilize specialty margarita salt. The great news is that these salts are not at all expensive and can add some decoration to your margarita.

Difference In Tastemargarita salt

We do want to be clear on one thing: at it’s core…salt is salt. The difference is that margarita salt often has a subtle flavor to it (most commonly being lime, no surprises there) that can enhance the flavor of a margarita. Whilst getting a mouthful of normal salt can be quite the sour experience, salt with your margarita will numb some of this and give it a fruity flavor.

The salt will not make or break the margarita; instead, Types of Tequila recommends using margarita salt as a way to put the icing on the cake. Take your margaritas to the next level, instead of being an Average Joe Jose.


We’ve talked before that while presentation is everything, it does matter. Tequila salts like these have colors added to them to compliment the color of the liquid itself, or perhaps your decorative margarita glass.

It’s pretty cool that you can add green, red, blue, etc. colors to your glass just by buying a specific salt.

How To Use Margarita Salt

There’s a couple options here in regards to how to use these items.

You can buy the margarita salt such as the one that Rokz offers, and purchase a margarita glass rimmer like this.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to have equipment like that lying around your house, you can simply buy packs of margarita salt like these that basically contain margarita rimmers in the packaging themselves.

What margarita salts do you prefer?

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