Margarita Machine Rentals Guide

Are margarita machine rentals a viable option, as opposed to purchasing your own?

Margarita machine rentals are a common item that you can rent these days – and with a variety of rental options, there’s no reason you couldn’t find a margarita machine rental for a one or two time occasion. From party planning businesses to specialty margarita machine rental businesses, you can find the right margarita machine rentals for your party or event.

Before you dive into trying to hunt down margarita machine rentals, we have a few pieces of advice to pass on.

Margarita Machine Rentals…or Buy?

Be honest with yourself here.

If it’s going to cost you $75 to rent a margarita machine, and you can buy a quality one for $100 – will you use it?

If you use it more than one day you’ve essentially paid for it already!

If you want to get an ideas on some entry-level margarita machines, here are a few off of Amazon that we recommend:

  • Nostalgia Electrics FBS400 (Buy it here – $31)
  • Nostalgia Electrics MSB64 (Buy it here – $49)

Big City Margarita Machine Rentals

If you simply Google search a phrase such as ‘margarita machine rentals’, you’ll probably return over 100,000 Google results. The majority of these will be location specific – that is the wonder of technology. Google knows where you are running this search from, and will therefore list local businesses with ‘margarita machine rentals’ near the top of your search results.

For example, in Los Angeles, you can see that nearly all of the first page listings involve locals offering margarita machine rentals:

margarita machine rentals

For the most part, this is okay if you’re in a big city – you have a curated list of local businesses, and you can then dig into their websites to find more information about their margarita machine rental programs

However, if you don’t live in a big city like Los Angeles, and instead live in the agave fields of Kansas (okay…bad joke), you might not have the same luck.

Small City Margarita Machine Rentals

If you live in a smaller, off-the grid place and need to find a way to get your hands on a margarita machine, just ask around. In small towns where everyone knows each other, you’d be suprised how easy it can be to hunt down information just via word of mouth.

If you have absolutely no idea who to start with in regards to margarita machine rentals, phone up a party or event planning company and ask if they supply margarita machines. If they do – great! Do some research on the company and their prices and you’re in business. If they don’t, more than likely they can point you in the right direction to a company that does have margarita machine rentals.

Use Yelp

Yelp is a fantastic tool that you can use to find the best food, drinks, and apparently – even margarita machine rentals. Just punch ‘margarita machine rentals’ into Yelp and you can find reviews of the companies, their prices, and more.

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect machine rentals doesn’t have to be a horrible, time-consuming job. Using free resources like this website, you can easily find what you’re looking for in a matter of minutes – and spend more time making margaritas.


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