How to Make a Frozen Margarita Recipe (ICEE-esque)

We’ve got a really simple frozen margarita recipe to share today – one that we’ve utilized for years in a pinch. While the highest-quality frozen margarita recipe will often utilize freshly squeezed limes and other ingredients, sometimes the ability to acquire all of these ingredients can be difficult. If you’re putting together a dinner and want to serve margaritas on a Monday night, the likeliness of a farmer’s market being open so you can get those fresh squeezed limes for your frozen margarita recipe is pretty low.

On top of that, after putting in a long, hard day at work – who wants to stop by the store, either?

We have the solution to making quick, but still tasty margaritas with an ingredient you probably have lying around the house anyway.

Note that these will come out blended, and not on the rocks.

Frozen Margarita Recipe (ICEE-esque!)

Ingredients (makes 2 large margaritas):

  • One can of frozen limeade juice; lime or strawberry work best
  • 4oz tequila of your choosing
  • 2oz triple sec
  • A lot of ice
  • Salt

Simply put all of the ingredients together into a margarita mixer or a blender.

Ideally, between the frozen juice and other ingredients, it will be close to full. Of course this depends on the size of your blender. A good rule of thumb is for the ice to be roughly a third of the total ingredients. We have “eye-balled” this recipe for so long that it’s hard to put an exact measurement on it – but when in doubt, one cup should do.

Next, blend it all together. It may take a few seconds or so for the ice to get blended in. But ultimately, it will come out in a slushy-like texture. It could very easily pass for an ICEE! (Who doesn’t love those?)


We’d recommend using a highball glass – coat the rim with salt, and simply pour in.

And that’s it! A fast and efficient margarita to go with a great meal, or just a cool drink to enjoy on a hot day.

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