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margarita salt

Margarita Salt and How to Use It

Margarita salt is an essential ingredient to the perfect margarita. While you can use your ordinary table salt with your margarita, you will have a better overall margarita if you buy and utilize specialty margarita salt. The great news is that these salts are not at all expensive and can add some decoration to your […]

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tequila mojito recipe

Tequila Mojito Recipe

An easy way for a new twist and taste on a classic cocktail is with a tequila mojito recipe. Instead of using rum, you can have a bit more of a “kick” in your mojito with this tequila mojito recipe. And to be frank, a tequila mojito recipe can have multiple variations. There isn’t really […]

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margarita machine rentals

Margarita Machine Rentals Guide

Are margarita machine rentals a viable option, as opposed to purchasing your own? Margarita machine rentals are a common item that you can rent these days – and with a variety of rental options, there’s no reason you couldn’t find a margarita machine rental for a one or two time occasion. From party planning businesses […]

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Little Dragon Cocktail

How to Make a Little Dragon Cocktail

With a name like ‘Little Dragon’, who wouldn’t be curious to try this one out? The Little Dragon cocktail combines beer with tequila, but it’s definitely not a take on a ‘Beergarita’ as it would seem to be on paper. In fact, we’d say that the Little Dragon cocktail is a far classier way of […]

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3 how to make a tequila sunrise

How to Make a Tequila Sunrise

So you want to know how to make a Tequila Sunrise; a classic tequila recipe that will never go out of style. This cocktail is very basic and is an easy endeavor for even a beginning mixologist to put together. A tequila sunrise cocktail is perfect for a hot summer day, or even brunch if […]

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2 what to mix with tequila

What To Mix With Tequila

There are a lot of things in regards to what to mix with tequila. Contrary to popular belief, you can drink tequila with much more than just a lime or orange juice. In fact, tequila is just as versatile as liquors such as vodka or whiskey as far as being able to mix with a variety of different beverages […]

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