Best Margarita Glasses: Top 5

A glass is a glass, right?

Not quite!

Before we drop knowledge about the type of best margarita glasses – let us say this: enjoy your tequila. Do not worry too much about whether your guests will look down on you for serving tequila in a coffee mug if it’s what you desire to do.

For the record, tequila in the morning can be dangerous…but, we won’t judge.

So, what are the best margarita glasses? Thankfully, the margarita is a versatile drink. You can buy them in plastic cups at sporting events, or get a huge pitcher. This makes your choice of glassware to server your margaritas in very diverse.

With that being said, here are our top five best margarita glasses.

#1: THE Margarita Glass

best margarita glasses

The obvious classic choice. Unfortunately, due to their enormous size, among other reasons, these aren’t seen too often in general bars. You will still find them in Mexican restaurants and bars, but they’re simply too large and clunky to utilize properly in many places.

However, a good set of these at home will surely wow your company.

Here are a couple of excellent margarita glasses at an affordable price point:

Best Margarita Glasses #2: Highball Glass

Possibly the most versatile drink glassware out there, utilized for everything from Bloody Marys to Shirley Temples. Tequila sunrise cocktails look fantastic in these, too.

best margarita glasses highball

Highball glasses we like:

Best Margarita Glasses #3: Lowball Glass

best margarita glass lowball

We see this utilized most often in general bars that serve margaritas, but not as a specialty. They are very basic, but have a modern classical feel to them.

We strongly recommend using lowball glasses to drink tequila straight.


Best Margarita Glasses #4: Hurricane Glass

bset margarita glass

Appropriately named by a man who hails from New Orleans.

Much like a highball glass, the more colorful the drink the more impressive it will look.


Best Margarita Glasses #5: Cocktail Glass

best margarita glasses cocktail

You can serve anything in these, and while some people might frown upon serving a margarita in them – we see no reason why it can’t be done! From martinis to margaritas to cosmopolitans, the cocktail glass always presents a drink well.

Check out this post at Bottle Neck for a full explanation of cocktail glasses – it’s really quite good.

What do you prefer to serve your margaritas in?

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