Beer Margaritas, Or “Beergaritas” Recipe & History

We have to admit, when we first heard the term “beergaritas”, our first thought was…well, disgust.

How dare someone put crappy, watered down beer in the same sentence as our beloved margarita?

But over time, we got over it 😉

Because frankly, the whole concept of beer margaritas is pretty awesome. We’ve already written articles on the best beer to pair with tequila, and so if you want to it a step further and create beer margaritas while during mixing beer and tequila – by all means. We’re all for it, obviously – given that we’re dedicating an entire post to the topic of beer margaritas.

Where Did Beer Margaritas Originate?

We suspect that these probably started off in some bars as a bit of a “gag drink” that you give to the birthday boy or girl. In fact, the first time we saw beer margaritas was at the famous Cabo Cantina’s – a very popular Mexican/dive bar chain with the majority of their locations being in Southern California.

Admittedly, it was a surprising sight.

A huge margarita glass with a beer bottle sticking out of it, balanced precariously in the arms of the waitress.

Beer margaritas have undoubtedly become much more popular over the years, and they’re a staple on many a drink menu these days.

Beer Margaritas Recipe

There is a far simpler way to craft beer margaritas than what you normally see at restaurants, which is what was described in the last section. We understand if you don’t want beer bottles balancing out of your nice glassware, especially in the hands of your perhaps-already-drunk guests 😉

So here’s how we do it.


  • A large pitcher of your personal perfect margarita
  • Beer
  • Lime for garnish

Yeah, it’s that simple. Just craft your margarita as normal, and then fill up a glass partway with that. Add in beer to taste. This allows everyone to have their perfect “mix” of beer vs tequila taste. Make sure you stir it all together!

At the end of it, presentation does matter. Coat the rim of the glass with salt, and garnish with a lime.

They’re always a hit.

Have you tried serving beer margaritas?

P.S. While looking for an image for this article, we came across these beergarita holders. Pretty nifty!

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