Types of Tequila: Everything You Need To Know

Figuring out the many different types of tequila can be a daunting task, but that’s why Types of Tequila exists in the first place. Let’s get started about learning the different types of tequilas. The Two Tiers Regarding Types of Tequila There are two different levels of how to classify tequila. They break down as follows: Classification 1 […]

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How Much Does a Shot of Tequila Cost in Mexico?

Why do people travel to Mexico? Maybe it’s not because of the beautiful beaches, stunning temples, or just to unwind. Maybe, just maybe…it’s to do shots of tequila. Kidding. Mostly. But really, sampling part of the local cuisine is a fantastic part of traveling. So what’s the deal with tequila in Mexico? The answer is, […]

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margarita salt

Margarita Salt and How to Use It

Margarita salt is an essential ingredient to the perfect margarita. While you can use your ordinary table salt with your margarita, you will have a better overall margarita if you buy and utilize specialty margarita salt. The great news is that these salts are not at all expensive and can add some decoration to your […]

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tequila mojito recipe

Tequila Mojito Recipe

An easy way for a new twist and taste on a classic cocktail is with a tequila mojito recipe. Instead of using rum, you can have a bit more of a “kick” in your mojito with this tequila mojito recipe. And to be frank, a tequila mojito recipe can have multiple variations. There isn’t really […]

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margarita machine rentals

Margarita Machine Rentals Guide

Are margarita machine rentals a viable option, as opposed to purchasing your own? Margarita machine rentals are a common item that you can rent these days – and with a variety of rental options, there’s no reason you couldn’t find a margarita machine rental for a one or two time occasion. From party planning businesses […]

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20 Tequila Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know

Let’s talk tequila facts. Short post today for entertainment value. These are not in any particular order Did you know any of these tequila facts already? #1: The tequila name comes from a city in Mexico, aptly named…Tequila. On a map, it’s close to Guadalajara. Guadalajara is actually on our list of must-see travel destinations in the […]

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sipping tequila

Sipping Tequila & Why You Should Be Doing It

Sipping tequila seems to be a lost art in today’s world. We blame the overboard of college/party centered videos and movies in which kids are shown yelling… “SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS!!!” …as they down dozens of low-quality tequila shots. Usually, these movies never show kids sipping tequila – or any drink, for that matter. Usually it’s just […]

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